Feedback and Action Plan

Institute collects the feedback physically from stockholders viz. Students, Parents and Teachers on Curriculum which is prescribed by the university, further college website invites ala stockholder to provide feedback through online.

The college conducts annual Alumni Meet, in which suggestions and feedback is received from Alumni students. Feedback from industrial management, R & D establishments and professionals is obtained through college website’s feedback blog. The provided feedback data is presented to the Academic Council Meeting for necessary implementation in curriculum.

Alumni surveys are conducted during alumni interaction at the alumni association meeting held every year

Whenever any alumni visits the college, feedback is taken Further, college website invites alumni to provide feedback through online. Feedback from industry, R & D establishments, professional bodies also are obtained

Feedback collected and analyzed: The data is analyzed and their suggestions are considered and placed before the Academic Audit Committee for discussion and for possible incorporation in the curriculum

Syllabus Review is given by the concerned subject faculty at the end of semester with regard to implementation of syllabus, mode of presentation, lecture material, suggested books, and updated information. Academic Audit Committee is formed to assess three major aspects, viz., Faculty Performance, Students Support System and Evaluation. The periodical review meeting is conducted to review the following

Action Taken on Feedback from the stack holders: After collecting and assessing the feedback from the various stack holders on curriculum aspects, the valuable suggestions if any, will make notice to the university curriculum committee to possible changes in the course structure for the next curriculum regulation. The College follows a continuous review system of the curriculum. The College established an IQAC as a Quality sustenance and Quality enhancement measure. The IQAC has been infusing a sense of belongingness into the entire teaching faculty of the Institution. The functioning of various committees of the College strengthens the quality sustenance and enhancement measures to ensure the effective development of curricula. The college makes efforts to integrate socially relevant issues into the curriculum with the help of the different cells functioning in the college like Career Guidance Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, SC/ST Cell, and NSS. The Academic Audit Committee ensure quality enhancement. IQAC has been organizing Faculty Development Program every year to enhance the professional competency and teaching pedagogy of the faculty.

The Institution would like to include the following Curriculum Aspects which enrich the curriculum:

  • 1. Flexible and Choice Based Credit System to learn soft core elective courses, professional elective courses and open elective Programs Offered across the departments.

  • 2. Value added courses.

  • 3. Courses on communication skills / Professional ethics / Environmental Engineering, and Employability Skills.

  • 4. Design experiments in many laboratory courses thereby stim